Welcome to Year 6

Hello and a huge warm welcome to year 6!

What an exciting year ahead we have. This year is an extremely important year as the children complete their final preparations for their SATs, which are in May.

Although we have lots of work to complete, I can assure you that we will do it with a smile on our faces…

In maths the children will continue to develop their skills across the different areas in the curriculum. Initially we will be focusing on larger numbers and securing children’s knowledge of place value and rounding. The children will need to read, write, order and compare numbers such as 34,567,456. After place value work, we will secure strategies for the four operations- introducing long division (it sound scary, but we have lots of strategies to help the children.)

In English we have started the year with a reading focus, where the children have been using inference skills (deciding what is most likely to be true based on the evidence in the text) and identifying character trait’s from this. Throughout the term we will be focussing on fictional narrative.

Every Thursday afternoon, Mrs Connolly will be teaching Year 6 Science- the first topic is ‘light and how we see things’. Mrs Connolly is very excited to be working with the children.

Topic in the autumn term is Anglo- Saxons and Vikings- we will be focusing on how their history has shaped Briton today. Using their computing and designing skills, the children will also design and create an Anglo- Saxon village. Our topic day will continue to be on a Friday.

We are extremely luck this term as the music teacher, Miss Backhouse, from The Dean Trust, Wigan, will be teaching Year 6 how to play the recorder and read sheet music. Look out for future performances!

Thank you for your ongoing support,

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Mrs T Rogers, Class Teacher

Class Teachers

Year 6 class teacher

  • Mrs T Rogers

Year 6 teaching assistants

  • Miss Marcroft
  • Mrs Canning

Extra Information

Homework - must be in by Wednesdays
Spelling tests - will take place on Tuesdays P.E - is on Monday and Wednesday

It is vital to listen to your child read at home, also mental arithmetic test is on Thursday.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to me at the door or book an appointment through the office.

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