Welcome to Year 2

Hello and welcome to the Autumn term in year 2! In our classroom this year you will find Mrs Whittle, Mrs Green, Mrs Knowles and 28 fabulous children!

This term our topics are Beatrix Potter and the Lake District and also the Great Fire of London. The children will be finding out all about Beatrix Potter and her books and hopefully going on a trip to the Lake District to investigate the area and take a ride across the lake on a boat.

Also, how the terrible fire began and how it spread all over London over 150 years ago.

In English this term we will be looking at The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter and a variety of Traditional Tales.

We will learn how we can improve our writing by using interesting adjectives and extending our sentences with connectives.

We will also be working hard to improve our handwriting and learn and use lots of new spellings.

In maths we will doing work on place value, addition, subtraction, and measuring.

We will also be doing multiplication and division, including our x2, x3, x5 and x10 tables facts. Phew!!!!

In our science sessions this term our focus will be on variations in plants, animals and humans. I am pretty sure there are some monkeys in this class!

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday and full P.E. kits are needed on those days.

Music lessons will be fun as we will be singing and playing instruments to investigate long and short sounds.

It will be a very busy term but lots of fun! Special events include an assembly in church, a visiting theatre company and a spooky disco!

If you have any questions at all, please see me or another member of the staff before or after school or arrange an alternative time at the school office if this is not convenient.

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