Welcome to Year 1 (Swallows)

Hello and welcome to the autumn term in year 1! In our brand new classroom this year you will find Miss Campbell, Miss McLoughlin and 29 fabulous children!

This term our topics are There’s No Place Like Home and Changes within living memory. The children will be finding out about the area they live in, the area of the school and an alternative area in Wigan. The children will hopefully be going on a trip around our local area and to Haigh Hall. Also, looking at how they have changed since they were born and looking at objects from the past and present.

In English this term we will be looking at Fantasy stories linked to the Hobbit and a variety of traditional tales. We will learn how we can improve writing by combining words to make interesting sentences.

We will also be working hard to improve our handwriting and learn to use lots of new spellings

In Maths we will be doing work on place value, addition, subtraction, measuring and shapes. Phew! Reading and writing calculations with + and -, solving different problems with + and -, naming and recognising different 2d shapes.

In our science sessions this term our focus will be on Humans- All about the body and staying healthy and, looking at our senses with superheroes!

Our P.E days are Monday and Tuesday and a full P.E kits is needed for both these days.

Music lessons will be fun as we will be singing and enjoying different songs.

It will be a very busy term but lots of fun! Special events include an assembly in church, a visit from a theatre company and a spooky disco!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come and see me or another member of the staff before or after school or arrange an alternative time at the school office if this is not convenient.

Thank you.

Miss Campbell and Miss Mcloughlin, Class Teachers

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