Welcome to Reception Robins

We would like to welcome all of our children to Reception, they are looking very grown up and ready to learn. This is going to be a fun-filled, packed year ahead for your little treasures.

Mrs Herbert, Miss Bohannon and Mrs Otway will also work across Reception at different points throughout the year, focussing on developing communication and language to target groups of children. This includes supporting children who are working on a Speech and Language programmes and children who are receiving EAL support.

Reminders -

  • P.E Day is Thursday - all children need a P.E kit including pumps or black trainers
  • Snack Money is £1:50 per week and to be paid every Monday
  • Reading bags to be brought in every day - we aim to listen to your child read at least once per week
  • 'At home activity' will be given out on Fridays and to be brought back the following week.

After School -

  • Reception Reading Club 3pm onwards for parents and children is an opportunity to read with your child alongside a teacher, this allows you to pick up skills and techniques you can use at home. It also helps parents of children who may be reluctant to read at home with them. This will take place EVERY TUESDAY and THURSDAY beginning 25th September.

This term we will be encouraging the children to be as independent as possible, so we would appreciate if you could continue to work on this at home as well, for example:

  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Feeding themselves with a knife and fork
  • Peeling fruit
  • Tidying away after themselves

Each day we make observations of the children, these observations will inform me when planning activities for the children. Observations allow us to see where your child is up to in their learning and what they need to do next. All children learn at different rates and often don’t come into Reception at the same starting point, so they will all have individual next steps and therefore do differentiated work.

The children will soon begin to do more adult led work, such as our phonics and maths. More information will be given nearer the time, and a play and stay session date will be given out. Your child will also be given a library book or reading book to enjoy at home – but please don’t wait till then, read with your child as much as possible every day. Before books are given out you will be invited in for a 1:1 meeting to discuss your role and provide you with all the information you need.

Overall it is our aim to make your child feel at ease and happy coming to school. We ensure your child will have a fun and varied education, and aspire that every child meets their full potential. We will begin to upload pictures and information to our school Facebook page, so please ensure you are a member to keep up to date and continue to support us in this joint journey ahead!

Thank You.

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